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4 Axis Encoder Interface Card EIC-325/ISA

The EIC-325 – a half-size PC card – was designed to accommodate the most popular industry standard optical encoders available in the market. It supports encoders with either square-wave or sinus output. As with all of our other PC add-on products, it was designed for industrial purposes and the most requested features are built on the board.

Main Features

  • Four 24 bit up/down latch counters.
  • Each counter can be programmable for preset value.
  • Four opto-isolated outputs which can be used for set-points, carry or index/marker and three outputs for general use.
  • Four differential inputs for connection of encoder's Index or limit switches and 11 single ended inputs for general use.
  • Internal status register for rapid storing and clearing signals.
  • Same board fits square-wave or sinus encoders.


Number of encoders: 2/4 per board.

  • Multiple encoder pulses: 1, 2 or 4 (software selectable).
  • Encoder type: Sinus or square wave types.
  • Counters size: 24 bit up/down with latched buffer.
  • Method of communication with PC bus: I/O addressing (16 addresses to select from).
  • Inputs / Outputs: All encoder Inputs (4xSinus, 4xCosinus and 4xIndex) are differential.
  • All general purpose inputs are TTL/CMOS compatible schmith trigger single ended.
  • All outputs are opto-isolated.

Encoder Signals Specifications

  • Square wave signal.
    • Square wave A phase and B phase shifted by 90°, single-ended or differential.
    • HTL 0.5-5v or TTL compatible.
    • 800 KHz max. quadrature rate.
    • Sinus wave signal:
      • Two incremental sinusoidal signals (Phase A and B Shifted by 90°).
    • Signal range:
    • Load:
      • 10 Kohm.
      • Current output encoders: 50 mA.
      • Voltage output encoders: 500 mV for Phases A,B and for the reference marker/ index pulse.
    • Excitation to the encoders: 5Vdc.
    • Light source current: max. 900 mA total. Protected by a polyswitch resetable fuse.
    • Max. frequency input: 600 KHz.

Encoder Counter Features

  • 24 bit up/down counter + 24 bit latched buffer per counter.
  • Independent programmable set-point for each counter.
  • User may freeze the buffers without stopping the counters from counting.
  • Independent operation mode for each axis.
    • Single / multiple encoder pulses.
    • Reset counter when index reached / by software.
  • Independent selectable output options for each encoder:
    • Set-point reached.
    • Counter carry flag.
    • Index/Marker
  • Independent selectable interrupts options for each axis:
    • Set-point reached.
    • Counters carry flag.
    • Index/Marker.
  • General:
  • Power:
    • +5V: 200mA max.
    • +12V: 100mA max.
    • -12V: 50mA max.
    • All supplied from ISA/PC-104 bus.
  • Connectors
    • Encoders: Mini DIP 44 pin.
    • Outputs: DIP 9 pin.
    • PC-104 (option).
    • ISA edge connector.
  • Environmental .
    • Operating temperature: 0-50° C (32-122° F).
    • Humidity: up to 80% non-condensing.
  • Board dimensions - Half size PC card.
  • Software included.
  • A package to utilize the PC as a 4-axis sophisticated counter.
  • Examples and source code on how to communicate with the board under DOS and drivers for WIN95/98 with full example in VB.
  • Constantly updated on our web page.