LCIC-1106a | Checking Load Cell | Weighing Trucks and Trains In Motion |

Load-Cell Interface Card-1106a

For PC/AT or Compatibles

Any application related to weighing or measuring forces is now available in your PC...
Stand-alone microcomputer-based interface card requires no other interfacing accessories. Simply connect the cable from each scale directly to the card and you are ready.

  • Compatible with all load cells and other strain gage-based transducers.
  • Replaces all conventional weight indicators. Card resides directly on computer bus, thus eliminating RS232 and other communication ports.
  • Suitable for all dynamic, force measuring and real-time applications.
  • Ultra-fast A/D conversions - 500 per second after filtering.
  • Optional I/O card - eight outputs and four inputs all opto-isolated.
  • Up to 16 cards may be installed in one PC.
  • User-friendly easy calibration from the PC keyboard.
  • Very useful software package of weighing indicator, counting scale and checkweigher as well as examples on how to access the board are all included.

The LCIC-1106a is a load cell interface for the IBM PC/AT and compatible computers. It will accept any type of strain gage-based load cell. Each card powers directly up to six load cells (350 W each).

In fact, it is a completely stand-alone sophisticated weighing indicator with 16 bit internal resolution and very fast A/D conversion rate.

Direct communication with the PC bus and high frequency sampling enable the LCIC-1106a to handle real-time applications impossible with external indicators via serial communication.

Typical Applications

  • Gravimetric filling systems.
  • Batching controllers.
  • Weigh belt and loss-in-weight controllers.
  • High speed checkweighers.
  • Multi-scale processing - by using more than one LCIC.
  • Weighing in motion (such as trucks on the roads).
  • Mutil-head filling machines.
  • Peak detector and analyzing forces in press machines.

Main Features

  • User-friendly calibration procedure with automatic zero and gain adjustment.
  • Calibration parameters reside in the LCIC memory and are retained even if the card is moved from one PC to another.
  • Calibration library. Different calibrations for various scales may be stored in a library for later use on the same card.
  • No auxiliary power supply is required. The LCIC powers and senses 6-wire load cells.
  • Provides data in weighing units (kg, gr, lb, ton) in ASCII or floating point - usable by almost any programming language.
  • Opto-isolated I/O lines enable logic control through user's application program.

Software Included

  • Mapping memory diagnostics - for easy address selection to install the card.
  • User-friendly calibration software.
  • I/O check and test procedure built into the calibration software.
  • Software to utilize the PC as a weighing indicator, counting scale, checkweigher and filling machine.
  • Examples in source code on how to access the card.
  • Drivers for Win 95/98, Win NT and examples in VB and C++.

Hardware Specifications

  • Excitation voltage: 8.2 VDC.
  • Internal A/D resolution: 16 bit.
  • Internal A/D conversion time: 4000 per second.
  • PCB type: multilayer (six layer).
  • Power consumption (without load cells): 350mA max @ +5V.
  • Updating the PC bus speed: 500 per second.
  • L/C range: from 0.2 mV/V up to 3mV/V load cells.
  • Number of load-cells: Up to 6 in parallel (350 ohm each).
  • Load cell conection: 6 wires(sense)-One 9 pin D type connector.
  • Method of communication with the PC BUS: Memory mapped.
  • Maximum number of LCIC-1106a boards in a PC: 16.
  • Length of cable between the LCIC and the load cells:150 meters.
  • Option for RS232 output from the card to remote display .

Optional I/O Module: (LCIC "Piggyback")

  • Opto-isolated I/O lines enable logic control through user's application program.
  • Four inputs - sink or source connection., Maximum transistor current at 30 VDC 12 mA.
  • Eight outputs - current source connection 5-30 VCD maximum 80 mA.


  • Board length: 220mm.
  • Weight: LCIC-1106a: 200 gr I/O Module: 80 gr .