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Batch & Filling Controller

LCIC-WIM in Fill Mode

The LCIC-WIM comes equipped with sophisticated embedded software to handle batching functions like bag/sack filler. Taking advantage of the ultra fast sampling rate, high accuracy A/D and the powerful processor on the board, it can handle most net-weight applications and especially when fast filling is needed.

The on board 4 outputs and 4 inputs provide all necessary I/O for the controller; while the on board display provides the user with all the essential information.

Main features:

  • Works as stand-alone controller, doesn't need any PC connection in the field
  • Very easy to install, comes with all necessary utilities
  • Excellent solution to upgrade or retrofit old filling machines
  • Option to fill in 1 or 2 speeds
  • 3 programmable set-points on the controller to choose from
  • Option to fill by weight or by time
  • Auto correction for in-flight material helps to reduce giveaway material
  • Auto-tare and auto zero
  • Built in alarms like tare acceptable range, max. allowed fill time and more
  • Full communication via USB / RS232/485 with external PC to collect the filling dat