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4 Channel Load Cell Interface Card Model LCIC-4HS

For PC/AT or Compatibles

Stand-alone microcomputer-based interface board that was especially designed to fit very fast real-time weighing applications. Requires no other interfacing accessories for the load-cells or the outputs.

Typical Applications

  • Multi-head rotary filling machines.
  • Multi-scale processing.
  • High-speed checkweighers (multi-channel).
  • Batching controllers.

Four Channel Load Cell Interface Card Model LCIC-4HS The LCIC-4HS is a four channel load-cell interface board for the IBM PC/AT and compatible computers (ISA Bus). This board was especially designed to fit very fast and real-time weighing applications such as multi-head fillers. It supports up to four channels with one load-cell on each. All the necessary filters and the batching control functions are built on the board and are easily accessible by the user. Direct communication with the PC bus and high-frequency sampling enables the LCIC-4HS to handle all real-time applications and to achieve very high accuracy. The LCIC-4HS is memory-mapped. Up to 32 boards (128 channels) may be installed in a single PC. It comes with a detailed user manual and software utilities for easy installation and calibration as well as full examples for the programmer (including Win 95/98 drivers).

Main Features

  • User-friendly calibration procedure (software provided).
  • All necessary filters to avoid vibration noises are built on-board.
  • Calibration parameters reside in the LCIC-4HS memory.
  • No auxiliary power supply required.
  • Very fast sampling rate: 500 samples per second for all four channels.
  • Built-in batching control function, accessible by the user application program.

Hardware Specifications

  • Excitation voltage: 8.1 VDC.
  • Internal A/D resolution: 16 bit.
  • Display resolution: up to 1/10,000 from the net weight.
  • Internal A/D conversion time: 40,000 per second.
  • Updating PC bus speed: 500 samples per second for all four channels.
  • Number of load-cells: one per channel 350 W.
  • Load-cell connection method: four or six wires.
  • PCB type: full size multi-layer (six layers).
  • Method of communication with the PC bus: dual port RAM (memory mapped).
  • Up to 32 cards may be installed in one PC.
  • Filters: built directly on-board and may be adjusted by the user.
  • Eight isolated inputs and eight isolated outputs.


  • Full-size PC board plus small PCB with four connectors for load-cells.